PIK2AR is dedicated to providing culturally-relevant resources and an educational understanding of culture to Utah’s ever-growing Utah Pacific Islander community. A shared culture can bring a sense of unity and pride to people who share similar social values, beliefs, and customs.

Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month

In 2012, Utah’s governor declared August to be “Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month.” The annual celebration features a variety of activities throughout the state including art exhibits, live music, and food festivals.

Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month provides a platform for Pacific Island businesses, entrepreneurs, and community organizations to educate about our cultural assets; services, produces, and programs; to counter negative stereotypes of Pacific Islanders and instill positive self-identity in our youth; to preserve and promote Pacific Island cultural heritage and traditions, acknowledging the similarities and embracing the differences among our cultures; and  to honor pioneers across the Pacific Islands  - all regardless of religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.


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Pasifika Enriching Arts of Utah

Are you an artist? Pasifika Enriching Arts of Utah (PEAU) is looking for you! PEAU is dedicated to preserving Pacific Islander heritage through displays of artistic skill.


After the Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month, an exhibit will be held featuring visuals, performances, films, costumes, fashion and culinary art.


Monthly Artist Meet Up

Every month, there will be an opportunity for artists like YOU to come and showcase their skills and socialize with other like-minded artists. Art education, resources, and opportunities will be provided at these gatherings.

When: Every third Thursday of each month, 6:30PM – 8:00PM

Where: Salt Lake City Public Library @ 2150 S 1300 E Ste 500, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Seniors & Youth Free Weekly Art Class

PEAU will also be hosting free art classes for seniors and children. The classes will be held once every week.

When: Thursdays, 3:30PM – 5:00PM

Where: Gerald Wright Senior Villa Apartments @ 3375 W 3650 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

Utah Pacific Island Film Series

More information regarding Utah’s Pacific Island Film Series for 2017 will be available soon!


Pacific Island Community Organizations: